Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall Power Washing in NJ

Power Washing your house in the fall is an ideal time in New Jersey. After another long, hot, humid summer most home owner now have mildew on their vinyl siding and moss and algae growing on their roofs.

Now that the cooler weather has arrived and the humidity has dropped, you can have your house power washed and looking great for the holidays which are just around the corner. It is the perfect time for power washing before the winter cold arrives and if your house is power washed now there is no hot humid weather to cause and moss, algae or mildew growth. Your home will stay clean throughout the fall, winter and spring. This is why fall is the ideal time for power washing. You will get the best long term effects do to favorable weather. The end of the year with all the holidays is also the time of year when you get the most guests visiting your home.

Get your house clean and ready for the holidays and give Reliant Power Washing and Gutter Cleaning a call at 855-Go-Reliant (855-467-3542) today to schedule your cleaning. We service most of North and Central NJ including power washing in Short Hills, West Orange , Summit and Livingston. We look forward to serving you.

Deck Restoration in Summit NJ

Here are some photos of a deck we are restoring in Summit NJ

To schedule an appointment to get your deck restored, give Reliant Power Washing and Gutter Cleaning a call at 855-467-3542 (855-Go-Reliant) or visit us at

Monday, September 2, 2013

Window Cleaning in New Jersey With Purified Water

In an effort to bring it's customers the best  quality window cleaning possible, Reliant Home Services has updated its equipment to include waterfed poles. The waterfed poles runs the water through your hose to a cartridge that purifies the water and then up the poles through thee rush that cleans your windows.

Tap water has a number of different kinds of dissolved solids held in suspension in the water. This tap water will spot as it dries on windows. Pure water is a natural cleaner and it dries leavings no residual spotting.   Pure water is a great cleaning agent because it attracts the dirt being cleaned like a magnet. Pure water wants to collect dirt and become dirty water again. It is also much safer to clean windows using a waterfed pole. These poles can reach up to 30 feet in height in cleaning windows so it is not neccessary to use a later. We can get to hard to reach places safely and easily. As you can see in the video in this blog almost all window cleaning is done from the ground.

To make an appointment for window cleaning, give us a call at 855-Go-Reliant or contact us on our website at We clean windows throughout New Jersey including the cities of Westfield, West Orange, Short Hills, Livingston, Summit and Montclair. Give us a call today!