Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall Gutter Cleaning

The calendar has turned the page to October and the weather is beginning to change. The leaves are slowly beginning to fall. Soon a lot of leaves will be down and your gutters will be full. This presents the question ..."is it time to get my gutters cleaned?" Many customers ask what they should do? All of the leaves are down yet so many customers decide that they should just wait for the end of the fall to clean the gutters.

Every customer has a different situation. While many customers do not have many trees near their house and do not get many leaves in their gutters, others homeowners are surrounded by trees and in a matter of weeks the gutters are full. My simple suggestion is that if your gutters need cleaning, then get them cleaned. If you wait until the end of the fall to clean your gutters while your gutters are already clogged, you are taking a chance. You are going through an extended period of time when fall storms can cause tremendous damage to your home.

Case in point was last October when superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey. Were your gutters cleaned? Did you avoid flooding in your home. The answer to this question for many homeowners was no. Thousands of New Jersey homeowners that may have been avoided if their gutters were clean and draining properly.

At Reliant Power Washing and Gutter Cleaning, we are open 7 days a week during the fall to help keep your gutters cleaned. We service Northern and Central New Jersey including towns such as West Orange, Summit, Livingston, Short Hills, Montclair, Westfield and Springfield.

To schedule an appointment, call us at 855-457-3542 (855-Go-Reliant) or visit us on our website at

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